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Located precisely where Southern culture and philanthropic excellence intersect, the Southeastern Council of Foundations provides members with unique opportunities to increase and sustain the impact of their charitable investments. We are a diverse network of thinkers, doers, problem-solvers and leaders who bring a variety of perspectives together to serve one common goal – changing lives and transforming communities through effective, meaningful philanthropy.



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What makes SECF different, and so very vital to our work and our region? Why do hundreds of foundations and thousands of staff and trustees consider SECF their “philanthropic family”? The reasons are clear:
Regional & National Connections: SECF membership opens the door to an incredible community of local, regional and national philanthropic leaders, paving the way to more effective and transformational grantmaking. We design our events and programs with the goal of fostering new relationships and strengthening those that already exist.
Leadership Development: The success of philanthropy depends greatly upon strong leaders – but these men and women need support and cultivation. That’s why leadership development is one of SECF’s top priorities. Our approach is based on thought leadership, best practice, and creating opportunities for members to share their wisdom and learn from one another.
A Southern Perspective: The 11 states in the SECF footprint are unified by much more than geography. Each shares a unique history and culture – one filled with progress, pain, customs and traditions – that may constitute the strongest regional identity in the country. SECF embraces this identity and, through original research and data, places the work of philanthropy within a regional and cultural context.
Promote & Defend Philanthropy: From our inception in 1969, as an initial response to the 1969 Tax Reform Act, SECF has chosen to be proactive in the public policy space. SECF members empower one another to mount a vigorous defense of philanthropy, educate policymakers on the power of grantmaking and promote the ability of funders to address issues they consider a priority.
Best & Next Practice: With more than 330 foundations and 2,300 trustees, executives and staff in the SECF network, it’s guaranteed that some members are trying something new or pursuing innovative strategies – and if they’re not, they’re wondering how they can. SECF makes sure these two groups are brought together, ensuring members are not only made aware of the latest trends, but are also able to embrace them in their own work.

As members of the SECF network, we understand the importance of connection and the value of place. We benefit from the interactions and connections fostered by SECF while also contributing to our network’s ever-growing strength. We know that by working together, we make a transformative impact on our communities, our region and the lives of its people.
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