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Investing in Opportunities & Assets: Lessons from the South for the Nation
Philanthropic organizations have important opportunities to make a difference in the southeast, and in the process, provide important lessons for the nation as the United States grapples with persistent health inequities, growing inequality, and intergenerational poverty. To identify these opportunities, Grantmakers In Health convened a diverse array of philanthropic, civic, academic, and nonprofit leaders in New Orleans in September 2012 to discuss challenges and opportunities for philanthropy to promote health and equity in the South. Speakers from nonprofit advocacy, research, and service organizations from across the Southern states discussed their experiences, and provided recommendations for funders seeking to bring Southern innovation to scale.

Investing in America's Health: A State-by-State Look at Public Health Funding & Key Health Facts
Investing in America's Health: A State-by-State Look at Public Health Funding and Key Health Facts, a new report from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, documents the differences in federal dollars spent for public health by state and through the years. The report documents funding amounts from various sources, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Health Resources and Services Administration and state budgets. The data shows vast differences from state to state in both funding levels and health outcomes for residents.

A Healthier America 2013: Strategies to Move from Sick Care to Health Care in Four Years 
Healthier America report outlines top policy approaches to respond to studies that show 1) more than half of Americans are living with one or more serious, chronic diseases, a majority of which could have been prevented, and 2) that today’s children could be on track to be the first in U.S. history to live shorter, less healthy lives than their parents. The report contains case studies of state approaches to addressing health issues and prevention in communities. More than 15 case studies from across the country show the report’s recommendations in action, such as The Healthy Environments Collaborate (HEC) in North Carolina. The innovative partnership across four state agencies – Health and Human Services, Transportation, Environment and Natural Resources and Commerce focuses on creating win-win policies and programs that improve health while also meeting other priority goals, such as improved transportation, increased commerce and stable housing programs. 


Rankings Reveal Health Disparities, County by County
The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation recently released its annual health rankings which analyze health data for every county in the nation. The results show stark disparities between the health of residents living only miles apart. The report measures a county's overall health outcomes, as well as factors impacting individual health, including rates of smoking, obesity and access to clinical care. An interactive website presents the data using color-coded state maps.