Help Put Southern Philanthropy  and Your Foundation  On the Map

In 2016, SECF teamed up with Foundation Center to release the first-ever Southern Trends Report – a comprehensive look at giving by Southeastern foundations. If you haven’t already, explore it now.

Each year, we plan to update the Southern Trends Report with new data on giving by Southeastern foundations. Like any report on giving, it’s only as good as the data that goes into it – and we want to make sure your foundation’s giving is reflected! That’s why we’re encouraging all SECF members to join the eReporting program with Foundation Center. 

How will your foundation benefit? By putting yourself “on the map,” you will:

  • Ensure your foundation’s giving is reflected in the Southern Trends Report, Foundation Maps, and other dynamic Foundation Center resources.
  • Help inform SECF’s research and provide a more complete picture of how Southern grantmakers are transforming people and communities across the region.
  • Support your fellow grantmakers by strengthening an essential resource for foundations to tap into as they look for gaps in funding, seek out potential partners, and determine where and how to target their investments.
  • Best of all, you’ll even get access to your own custom map that includes just your organization’s grantmaking activity.
Plus, you’ll join a growing group of more than 800 foundations across the country that are sharing their data with Foundation Center, the sector’s trusted source of information on philanthropy worldwide. Here are just a few of your fellow SECF members that are already participating:

SECF Members: Check out the Southeastern map here!

Ready to get on the map? It’s as easy as 1-2-3:

1) Export a complete list of your most recent grants in Excel. Most grants management software platforms offer a pre-formatted export function that pulls the necessary data into an Excel file automatically. If you don’t use one of the listed software systems, simply use the handy Excel template by downloading it here.

2) Include the necessary fields. At a minimum, include the transaction ID, amount, currency, fiscal year end and recipient name and address. Learn more. 

3) Email your report to [email protected].

Still have questions?
Check out FAQ or contact SECF's Research & Data Manager,
Stephen Sherman, at [email protected].