Foundation Desk Reference
"The Foundation Desk Reference is a one-of-a-kind, wonderful tool for both experts and newcomers who govern or lead private foundations. I always keep it handy for quick references and for clarification on important questions in my day to day work." 
Mason Rummel, James Graham Brown Foundation, Louisville, KY
"This is an essential tool for governance, and as such, I make sure that each of our Foundation's trustees has a copy to guide their decision making." 
James T. Morton, J. Marion Sims Foundation, Lancaster, SC

"Author Ben White helps foundations avoid problems that can arise from ignorance or misunderstanding of current laws and regulations. The Desk Reference should be a part of every foundation's reference, and it should be review often."
John Stephenson, J. Bulow Campbell Foundation, Atlanta, GA

Download the table of contents to see all the essential subjects that The Foundation Desk Reference covers.

The Foundation Desk Reference is only $25.00 for SECF members or $50.00 for non-members.

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