In many ways, a foundation’s investment portfolio defines the size and scope of its work. No matter the size of your organization’s endowment, it needs to be managed efficiently and effectively, all while remaining in compliance with the fiduciary standards that govern the field. Managing an endowment also requires being mindful of the economic climate – both domestic and globally. 

In recent years, foundations have also found that their investment strategy is more than just a means of funding grantmaking – it can be an agent of change all by itself. Through mission-related investments and impact investing, foundations can use their endowment dollars to support various goals – social, environmental and more. 

SECF’s Conference on Investing addresses all the facets of foundation financial management. Now offered as a preconference to the Annual Meeting, the Conference on Investing connects grantmakers with leader economic experts and thought leaders, while also delving into finer details like portfolio allocation and performance.

Questions? Please contact Dwayne Marshall, SECF's Senior Director of Programs & Partnerships.